If it can’t be changed within 5 minutes, let’s not speak on it alright?

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

Everyone has an opinion but not everyone’s opinion needs to be heard. People don’t think before they speak but thinking before you speak could save a lot of people some hurt. Think before you speak, if it can’t be changed in 5 minutes don’t speak on it. You’re hanging out with a friend and tell them they look like they’re losing too much weight, what do you gain from it? Do you feel better? Did letting out your unneeded opinion release any weight off of your shoulders? Your friends now looking in the mirror 24/7 no longer carrying the self confidence she had before your unneeded opinion. Since a youngin I was told about the size of my nose, unfortunately I wasn’t born into a rich family and doctors also don’t give nose jobs to elementary students, still to this day if a friend wants to joke or throw a punch it’s always a feature I have no control over. You don’t know peoples mindsets, you don’t know what hits a certain way and what may really throw someone down a loop, so if your opinion isn’t needed or asked for, stop shouting them out. Don’t tell a girl she looks heavier, she didn’t ask. Nor can she go home and lose 10 pounds 5 minutes later to satisfy your opinion. Sometimes no words are better than the ones you spew. Stop addressing things people cannot change, it’s hurtful and unneeded and adding more negativity to lives that were probably already feeling a way about it as is. Telling me I look skinny isn’t always a compliment and telling someone they look like their gaining weight isn’t either.  Give an opinion on a shirt you may not like, they can take it off and change it. Give an opinion when asked. But stop feeling the need to constantly give an input where it is not asked. It benefits nobody, not you or the person taking the opinion in. You don’t lose anything by learning to have self control and keep your unwanted comments to yourself. Take others into mind before you speak, don’t pick and poke. If everyone took two seconds to think before speaking about things people don’t have much control over a lot of people would feel better about themselves. Please be more mindful of others when speaking is all, you don’t know how anyone’s feeling or will feel after you speak. 

Understanding that no company is better than toxic company.

written and published by Angenette Navedo

Loneliness can really lead you astray and more than ever in the wrong company. Are you in a toxic relationship with someone not because you love them but because you've grown accustomed to the company they're providing? I have watched friends be drained of it all due to bad relationships. If you aren't aware your in a toxic partnership here's some ways to possibly figure that out. Does your partner go through your phone while you aren't around?, do they antagonize your friends ?, have they isolated you from the people you care about?, have they begged and pleaded when faced with the fact you began to realize they were vile that they'd change?, Do they start unnecessary arguments to keep you from enjoying the company of others? Are they constantly yelling at your or making you more upset than happy? Are you rethinking your own morals against things you will and won't accept in a relationship to try and make what they're doing seem like less than what it is? Are all your friends worried for you? Are you thinking deeply about it all and not sure what to do? Whats keeping you with them? If you lay out the good and the bad that has been done is it all worth it? Understanding that toxicity is not something you should be accepting in your life or the lives of those you love is a big part of all of this. The things your partner does to you, if your close friend was dealing with this same exact issue would you not tell them to leave? that they deserve better? you would. So why not tell yourself the same? Stray away from leeches who suck you dry of all that you've built your life on, cut off toxic relationships that you are attached to. Loneliness may suck and it may seem like the worse thing to let go of something toxic that you depend so much on, But to continue to drag out toxicity you know is loud and clear in your face is only hurting yourself in the end. Say fuck you to toxicity, leave your shitty company and remember you have friends and family who care for you and will be around when that loneliness creeps in. Don't settle for shitty people for some shitty bliss, it's 2018 if it aint 100% the genuine love you speak on and envisioned, then its not what you want, stop settling for shitty people to be somewhat happy with your life but constantly faced with the fact that even you yourself know that this isn't it for you, the loss in the end if you don't remove the toxicity will only be a worse loss later down the road for you. Love and light to everyone, may anyone dealing with toxic ass relationships read this and realize that they are only limiting and blocking their own blessing when they continue to let this toxicity seep in. If you see people you care about in toxic relationships reach out to them, some people sometimes need other people to wake them up before they wake up themselves, be the friend someone needs. And if your friend or loved one is the toxic person and you see them being toxic to their partner or just their friends, call them the fuck out on it! No one should get a pass on being a toxic person, call your friends out when you see them doing wrong!

The importance of the company you keep.

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

I have lost a friend for every month of this year and the year isn't up so I pray there will be no more losses. But the main component in a lot of my losses this year is company, the company you keep especially in this day and age is vital to your life. The company you keep can be the difference in your last breath. From the car you step in, to the party you attend, to the drugs you intake, Your company could be the difference between life and death for you. The first loss was to a party, where drugs were given and they "fell asleep". If at any point anyone at this party had checked on them they may still be breathing, but hours passed and no one checked on them. The second loss a car crash. A car crash where they were left by all their "friends" to die. A car crash where had they been with company who loved them, real company they may have had a fighting chance. The Third loss, a party once more. A Party with "friends", a party where they got drunk and began to vomit and needed at least one person to be a real friend. One person to help as they threw up, But instead the selfish world we lived in caused them to be pushed aside so everyone could enjoy their night, causing them their life. Fourth loss, not even a friend to me, a sister to me. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong company, Gunned down solely due to the company she was with over something that she had nothing to do with. I can carry on but there is no reason for it. Many people question why I am the way I am, why my solitude is where I am best, why I keep my circle tight, why am I standoffish, why don't I trust? But company is important to me, and the company I keep means everything to me. My safety is valued, my health is valued, my sanity is valued. The company you have been around this week, can you trust it? entirely can you trust it? Everyone you see often, Can you trust them with your life, if they were the only thing keeping you from life and death would you still be alive? In the worst of situations, are they dependable? If driving with illegal substance in the car and you crash and you're badly injured and your friends aren't and they know staying will risk them possibly facing jail time, will they stay behind and pull you out or will they think of themselves and leave? If drunk and needing help will they come accompany you the rest of the night in the bathroom or will they leave you to choke on your own vomit for the sake of a good night? In any situation, can the company you keep really be relied on? If you have to question any of this in reference to any of your company, please either rid yourself of the company as a whole or step back. Your life is worth more than half assed friendships, love and surround yourself with people who you know 100% you don't have to question will have you in any and every situation. Please. The year is only half way over, don't let the wrong company be the reason you don't make it to the end of it.

Trust me, You want to care.

Written and Published By Angenette Navedo


I'm not entirely sure what to categorize this post under yet alone how to properly word where my mind has gone when it comes to the topics of embracing your basic human instincts and feelings. I've spoken so wholeheartedly on the topic of this generation feeling having no emotions for anything or anyone is in anyway beneficial to themselves when frankly, Trust me, You want to care. Nothing feels better than feeling, Granted not all feelings you feel will be good, Granted some of those feelings may break you down and eat you up but to feel nothing at all is a waste of your life. Feel. Feel the bad, the good, the great, the hurt, feel. Nothing in life is worth giving up the ability to feel, nothing in life will be fulfilling if you dont have feeling involved in it. To feel is to love and to love is to feel and you cannot have one without the other.  We live in a generation where people who love and feel wholeheartedly are running low, where all of us are numb, where all of us have decided that being heartless, that having no ties, that living a bleak day by day life is a way to live, somehow being heartless and cold has become rewarding. But now we have also fallen under the category of a day and age that has no sensory, things that would have been labeled as too much for the internet casually became retweets. To feel is one of the greatest gifts, do not apologize for your feelings, do not apologizing for speaking up on things. Speak up, when you are feeling great, let it be known, express it, manifest your feelings, spread those feelings, lighting ones candle will never dim yours and the feeling of greatness you feel and may share with someone who feels the complete opposite and needed some of your light. This is the year of manifestation, the year for accomplishments, the year for growth, the year for new stepping stones, but what does all that amount to in the end if you have no feelings towards any of it? How much will anything you get accomplished really mean to you if nothing makes you feel? 

Sexuality in this day and age

Written and published by Angenette Navedo


This is honestly more of a free for all kind of post, just a i wouldn't say rant but more or less i feel a topic that nobody thoroughly discusses or sheds light on besides sporadically doing so when needed to for themselves throughout an instagram or twitter rant because they don't want their followers to throw judgement at them, which frankly its nobodies business but yeah. Sexuality honestly was lined up strictly on you're either gay, a lesbian or straight but now it's widened and opened many other doors and i feel like a lot of people more or less are afraid to openly express that they like someone as it doesn't fit their previous label. I've had friends label themselves lesbians as far back as forever who have ended up taking liking in a male and been afraid to share that newfound love or light out of fear everyone will come sideways at her about her random infatuation with a male figure. Peoples sexuality can change, people can shout their gay or lesbian and one day stumble upon someone who doesn't fit into that and grow a liking for them opening a door they didn't know existed. You don't just wake up and make the choice to switch up but you do just come across people in your lives that may occupy the spaces you didn't know existed. Frankly the only sexuality you should be worried about is yours, whether tom, dick or harry been straight the last 18 years and landed upon a male who opened pandoras box for them really shouldn't matter to anyone but tom,dick or harry, It's a year of light and love and y'all gotta focus on that and nothing else, be happy for those who found happiness even if it wasn't where they expected it to be.   Humans are humans, boys and girls are humans,  humans like other humans, don't matter what kind of human you out here loving long as you yourself are happy. 

Losing Yourself: ITS OKAY

Written and Published by Stina

It’s okay to lose yourself ...in the moment actually when it starts you’re not even sure or aware that it’s happening...it’s like one day you wake up and your like who the fuck am i ...how the fuck did i get here ....and yo like you realive and look back at the person you use to be like damn that’s not me anymore. Life and it’s experiences good and bad change you as a person and sometimes it’s a hard transition,but it’s okay. It’s okay to lose yourself as long as you’re growing within that process. It’s okay to take the time to learn yourself again really nurture and look deep within as to who you are as a person your values , goals, wants and desires in all aspects of your life. It’s okay to lose yourself just don’t let other people mold you into something you are not. If you feel lost, tired, scared just take a moment man and really look deep into you and who you want to be what you want to do and then look at the person that you are now the changes in life that have made you this person. I think in school they forget to tell us that life and it’s experiences can change us as people in positive and negative ways and change is hard. Change is inevitable and life is forever unpredictable I enjoy all my shorties to just a minute and step back look at life what I️t has brought you good and bad and how those experiences may or may not have made you who you are what do you admire about yourself right now and what do you want to work on ? And then meditate on it pray on it and grow queens life is about forever evolving forever learning about yourself life and appreciate yourself and life through all the shifts and changes.


keep your heads up!

Leading a more positive life through colors.

Written and published By Angenette Navedo

Listen man, you can pull anything from the universe if that's really what you want. And something i have done that i wholeheartedly stand by is changing my closet a bit. I only wore black or dark colors and it came up that you know wearing brighter more positive colors attracts more light into your life. Being that my favorite color is yellow i have been stocking up on so many beautiful places, i have been opening my closet up to let a bit of sun out and honestly i love it. I love how bright and sunny i feel in all the different yellow fits i have. Brighten up your style, yeah i love black who doesn't? but welcome some light into your life with some color baby. Orange, yellow, green man anything, just add a bit of bright once in awhile feel a bit lighter in color and life. 

Differentiating real support from fake.

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

Everyone wants to be on top and when they see you pulling yourself up all on your own they begin to support, they begin to show face but only when beneficial. How many of you artists yelling support other artists actually do so? Any of you local artists buying work from your fellow artists or you just expect them all to support your art and never return the gesture? How many of your friends ask for free merch as appose to the ones who ask to purchase or what they can do to help? Whats the ratio of people who say they'll be at your shows to show love to the ones who actually came? how many of your friends reach out to see what they can do without expecting anything in return just because they wanna see you up and out? In order to get the community to support artists YOU yourself as an artists need to lead that statement and support other artists!! Man shoutout to everyone that's been by my side for years now, from when i started the booty ass art i was doing at like 13 and thought that shit was fire, i don't need to be checked on 24/7 to know you real my closest friends go months without contact at times but the love and support is real.  I don't have to sit and elaborate on what artists or even just what people actually support one another and wants everyone to prosper as appose to the ones who rather sit at a long table alone. That dog eat dog shit been out, learn that lighting other candles won't dim yours. And shoutout to all the randoms at the art show the weekend that showed HELLA love i rock with y'all and you will see more of me, to all my friends that came out to my first show of many, RESPECT AND LOVE TO YOU ALL.

stop that fake love shit we in 2017 and its way too easy to separate real from the fake now, localhoodmom out ! #1LUV

Energy and why it's important to conserve yours.

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

I use to believe that in order to be a good friend when you're called you must answer, when they reach out for your helping hand it must be given, but that is not the case, After years of living the wrong way and letting everyone pour their problems and emotions on me and me just soaking all their sadness and troubles into my own energy, i met someone who seen what i was doing to myself for the sake of others and taught me that it was okay to say no, to make the choice to not always give because by the end of the day with all the energy i gave to everyone else i had none for myself.

So if you need to be selfish with your energy, if you only have enough for yourself, if you can only give advice and push yourself at the moment, do so.

You aren't a bad person for that, you won't ever be a bad person when it comes to putting yourself first, and i now no longer view myself as a bad person when i put myself, my energy and my health before anyone because nobody got you like you got you.


It's Okay

Written and Published by Angenette Navedo

Before even beginning to type this i want it to be known i've already typed this entire article last night with the same pain i carry today but woke up to it nowhere to be found because as far gone as i was i never pressed save and publish, but even that is okay.

It's okay to be sad as long as you don't dwell/ponder in that sadness for too long

  It's okay to disappear without explanation you owe no one anything

It's okay to decide you can't listen to other peoples problems, it's overwhelming i know

  It's okay to request days off because you're mental isn't well, mental over money 

It's okay to cut ties with people you've known years, years don't equal an eternal agreement

      It's okay to cuddle;show friends affection, break that barrier man

It's okay to have confidence;talk highly of yourself,  lift yourself up as high as you can 

          It's okay not to share the same opinion, but respect that other opinion

It's okay to debate through social media, but do use your intelligence not your ignorance

              It's okay to entirely spiral downhill, just know once you're down you can only go up

It's okay to make mistakes, take note of them so that it doesn't repeat but also move on



Everyone is someone and the Cons of being anyone in this world is the weird notion that every mistake, every downfall, every breakdown, every friendship you lose and every drastic change you make is not okay, but when all nights end and all mornings begin, the day is new and It's Okay.