Leading a more positive life through colors.

Written and published By Angenette Navedo

Listen man, you can pull anything from the universe if that's really what you want. And something i have done that i wholeheartedly stand by is changing my closet a bit. I only wore black or dark colors and it came up that you know wearing brighter more positive colors attracts more light into your life. Being that my favorite color is yellow i have been stocking up on so many beautiful places, i have been opening my closet up to let a bit of sun out and honestly i love it. I love how bright and sunny i feel in all the different yellow fits i have. Brighten up your style, yeah i love black who doesn't? but welcome some light into your life with some color baby. Orange, yellow, green man anything, just add a bit of bright once in awhile feel a bit lighter in color and life.