Losing Yourself: ITS OKAY

Written and Published by Stina

It’s okay to lose yourself ...in the moment actually when it starts you’re not even sure or aware that it’s happening...it’s like one day you wake up and your like who the fuck am i ...how the fuck did i get here ....and yo like you realive and look back at the person you use to be like damn that’s not me anymore. Life and it’s experiences good and bad change you as a person and sometimes it’s a hard transition,but it’s okay. It’s okay to lose yourself as long as you’re growing within that process. It’s okay to take the time to learn yourself again really nurture and look deep within as to who you are as a person your values , goals, wants and desires in all aspects of your life. It’s okay to lose yourself just don’t let other people mold you into something you are not. If you feel lost, tired, scared just take a moment man and really look deep into you and who you want to be what you want to do and then look at the person that you are now the changes in life that have made you this person. I think in school they forget to tell us that life and it’s experiences can change us as people in positive and negative ways and change is hard. Change is inevitable and life is forever unpredictable I enjoy all my shorties to just a minute and step back look at life what I️t has brought you good and bad and how those experiences may or may not have made you who you are what do you admire about yourself right now and what do you want to work on ? And then meditate on it pray on it and grow queens life is about forever evolving forever learning about yourself life and appreciate yourself and life through all the shifts and changes.


keep your heads up!