Differentiating real support from fake.

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

Everyone wants to be on top and when they see you pulling yourself up all on your own they begin to support, they begin to show face but only when beneficial. How many of you artists yelling support other artists actually do so? Any of you local artists buying work from your fellow artists or you just expect them all to support your art and never return the gesture? How many of your friends ask for free merch as appose to the ones who ask to purchase or what they can do to help? Whats the ratio of people who say they'll be at your shows to show love to the ones who actually came? how many of your friends reach out to see what they can do without expecting anything in return just because they wanna see you up and out? In order to get the community to support artists YOU yourself as an artists need to lead that statement and support other artists!! Man shoutout to everyone that's been by my side for years now, from when i started the booty ass art i was doing at like 13 and thought that shit was fire, i don't need to be checked on 24/7 to know you real my closest friends go months without contact at times but the love and support is real.  I don't have to sit and elaborate on what artists or even just what people actually support one another and wants everyone to prosper as appose to the ones who rather sit at a long table alone. That dog eat dog shit been out, learn that lighting other candles won't dim yours. And shoutout to all the randoms at the art show the weekend that showed HELLA love i rock with y'all and you will see more of me, to all my friends that came out to my first show of many, RESPECT AND LOVE TO YOU ALL.

stop that fake love shit we in 2017 and its way too easy to separate real from the fake now, localhoodmom out ! #1LUV