Sexuality in this day and age

Written and published by Angenette Navedo


This is honestly more of a free for all kind of post, just a i wouldn't say rant but more or less i feel a topic that nobody thoroughly discusses or sheds light on besides sporadically doing so when needed to for themselves throughout an instagram or twitter rant because they don't want their followers to throw judgement at them, which frankly its nobodies business but yeah. Sexuality honestly was lined up strictly on you're either gay, a lesbian or straight but now it's widened and opened many other doors and i feel like a lot of people more or less are afraid to openly express that they like someone as it doesn't fit their previous label. I've had friends label themselves lesbians as far back as forever who have ended up taking liking in a male and been afraid to share that newfound love or light out of fear everyone will come sideways at her about her random infatuation with a male figure. Peoples sexuality can change, people can shout their gay or lesbian and one day stumble upon someone who doesn't fit into that and grow a liking for them opening a door they didn't know existed. You don't just wake up and make the choice to switch up but you do just come across people in your lives that may occupy the spaces you didn't know existed. Frankly the only sexuality you should be worried about is yours, whether tom, dick or harry been straight the last 18 years and landed upon a male who opened pandoras box for them really shouldn't matter to anyone but tom,dick or harry, It's a year of light and love and y'all gotta focus on that and nothing else, be happy for those who found happiness even if it wasn't where they expected it to be.   Humans are humans, boys and girls are humans,  humans like other humans, don't matter what kind of human you out here loving long as you yourself are happy.