It's Okay

Written and Published by Angenette Navedo

Before even beginning to type this i want it to be known i've already typed this entire article last night with the same pain i carry today but woke up to it nowhere to be found because as far gone as i was i never pressed save and publish, but even that is okay.

It's okay to be sad as long as you don't dwell/ponder in that sadness for too long

  It's okay to disappear without explanation you owe no one anything

It's okay to decide you can't listen to other peoples problems, it's overwhelming i know

  It's okay to request days off because you're mental isn't well, mental over money 

It's okay to cut ties with people you've known years, years don't equal an eternal agreement

      It's okay to cuddle;show friends affection, break that barrier man

It's okay to have confidence;talk highly of yourself,  lift yourself up as high as you can 

          It's okay not to share the same opinion, but respect that other opinion

It's okay to debate through social media, but do use your intelligence not your ignorance

              It's okay to entirely spiral downhill, just know once you're down you can only go up

It's okay to make mistakes, take note of them so that it doesn't repeat but also move on



Everyone is someone and the Cons of being anyone in this world is the weird notion that every mistake, every downfall, every breakdown, every friendship you lose and every drastic change you make is not okay, but when all nights end and all mornings begin, the day is new and It's Okay.