Energy and why it's important to conserve yours.

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

I use to believe that in order to be a good friend when you're called you must answer, when they reach out for your helping hand it must be given, but that is not the case, After years of living the wrong way and letting everyone pour their problems and emotions on me and me just soaking all their sadness and troubles into my own energy, i met someone who seen what i was doing to myself for the sake of others and taught me that it was okay to say no, to make the choice to not always give because by the end of the day with all the energy i gave to everyone else i had none for myself.

So if you need to be selfish with your energy, if you only have enough for yourself, if you can only give advice and push yourself at the moment, do so.

You aren't a bad person for that, you won't ever be a bad person when it comes to putting yourself first, and i now no longer view myself as a bad person when i put myself, my energy and my health before anyone because nobody got you like you got you.