The importance of the company you keep.

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

I have lost a friend for every month of this year and the year isn't up so I pray there will be no more losses. But the main component in a lot of my losses this year is company, the company you keep especially in this day and age is vital to your life. The company you keep can be the difference in your last breath. From the car you step in, to the party you attend, to the drugs you intake, Your company could be the difference between life and death for you. The first loss was to a party, where drugs were given and they "fell asleep". If at any point anyone at this party had checked on them they may still be breathing, but hours passed and no one checked on them. The second loss a car crash. A car crash where they were left by all their "friends" to die. A car crash where had they been with company who loved them, real company they may have had a fighting chance. The Third loss, a party once more. A Party with "friends", a party where they got drunk and began to vomit and needed at least one person to be a real friend. One person to help as they threw up, But instead the selfish world we lived in caused them to be pushed aside so everyone could enjoy their night, causing them their life. Fourth loss, not even a friend to me, a sister to me. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong company, Gunned down solely due to the company she was with over something that she had nothing to do with. I can carry on but there is no reason for it. Many people question why I am the way I am, why my solitude is where I am best, why I keep my circle tight, why am I standoffish, why don't I trust? But company is important to me, and the company I keep means everything to me. My safety is valued, my health is valued, my sanity is valued. The company you have been around this week, can you trust it? entirely can you trust it? Everyone you see often, Can you trust them with your life, if they were the only thing keeping you from life and death would you still be alive? In the worst of situations, are they dependable? If driving with illegal substance in the car and you crash and you're badly injured and your friends aren't and they know staying will risk them possibly facing jail time, will they stay behind and pull you out or will they think of themselves and leave? If drunk and needing help will they come accompany you the rest of the night in the bathroom or will they leave you to choke on your own vomit for the sake of a good night? In any situation, can the company you keep really be relied on? If you have to question any of this in reference to any of your company, please either rid yourself of the company as a whole or step back. Your life is worth more than half assed friendships, love and surround yourself with people who you know 100% you don't have to question will have you in any and every situation. Please. The year is only half way over, don't let the wrong company be the reason you don't make it to the end of it.