Trust me, You want to care.

Written and Published By Angenette Navedo


I'm not entirely sure what to categorize this post under yet alone how to properly word where my mind has gone when it comes to the topics of embracing your basic human instincts and feelings. I've spoken so wholeheartedly on the topic of this generation feeling having no emotions for anything or anyone is in anyway beneficial to themselves when frankly, Trust me, You want to care. Nothing feels better than feeling, Granted not all feelings you feel will be good, Granted some of those feelings may break you down and eat you up but to feel nothing at all is a waste of your life. Feel. Feel the bad, the good, the great, the hurt, feel. Nothing in life is worth giving up the ability to feel, nothing in life will be fulfilling if you dont have feeling involved in it. To feel is to love and to love is to feel and you cannot have one without the other.  We live in a generation where people who love and feel wholeheartedly are running low, where all of us are numb, where all of us have decided that being heartless, that having no ties, that living a bleak day by day life is a way to live, somehow being heartless and cold has become rewarding. But now we have also fallen under the category of a day and age that has no sensory, things that would have been labeled as too much for the internet casually became retweets. To feel is one of the greatest gifts, do not apologize for your feelings, do not apologizing for speaking up on things. Speak up, when you are feeling great, let it be known, express it, manifest your feelings, spread those feelings, lighting ones candle will never dim yours and the feeling of greatness you feel and may share with someone who feels the complete opposite and needed some of your light. This is the year of manifestation, the year for accomplishments, the year for growth, the year for new stepping stones, but what does all that amount to in the end if you have no feelings towards any of it? How much will anything you get accomplished really mean to you if nothing makes you feel?