If it can’t be changed within 5 minutes, let’s not speak on it alright?

Written and published by Angenette Navedo

Everyone has an opinion but not everyone’s opinion needs to be heard. People don’t think before they speak but thinking before you speak could save a lot of people some hurt. Think before you speak, if it can’t be changed in 5 minutes don’t speak on it. You’re hanging out with a friend and tell them they look like they’re losing too much weight, what do you gain from it? Do you feel better? Did letting out your unneeded opinion release any weight off of your shoulders? Your friends now looking in the mirror 24/7 no longer carrying the self confidence she had before your unneeded opinion. Since a youngin I was told about the size of my nose, unfortunately I wasn’t born into a rich family and doctors also don’t give nose jobs to elementary students, still to this day if a friend wants to joke or throw a punch it’s always a feature I have no control over. You don’t know peoples mindsets, you don’t know what hits a certain way and what may really throw someone down a loop, so if your opinion isn’t needed or asked for, stop shouting them out. Don’t tell a girl she looks heavier, she didn’t ask. Nor can she go home and lose 10 pounds 5 minutes later to satisfy your opinion. Sometimes no words are better than the ones you spew. Stop addressing things people cannot change, it’s hurtful and unneeded and adding more negativity to lives that were probably already feeling a way about it as is. Telling me I look skinny isn’t always a compliment and telling someone they look like their gaining weight isn’t either.  Give an opinion on a shirt you may not like, they can take it off and change it. Give an opinion when asked. But stop feeling the need to constantly give an input where it is not asked. It benefits nobody, not you or the person taking the opinion in. You don’t lose anything by learning to have self control and keep your unwanted comments to yourself. Take others into mind before you speak, don’t pick and poke. If everyone took two seconds to think before speaking about things people don’t have much control over a lot of people would feel better about themselves. Please be more mindful of others when speaking is all, you don’t know how anyone’s feeling or will feel after you speak.