Understanding that no company is better than toxic company.

written and published by Angenette Navedo

Loneliness can really lead you astray and more than ever in the wrong company. Are you in a toxic relationship with someone not because you love them but because you've grown accustomed to the company they're providing? I have watched friends be drained of it all due to bad relationships. If you aren't aware your in a toxic partnership here's some ways to possibly figure that out. Does your partner go through your phone while you aren't around?, do they antagonize your friends ?, have they isolated you from the people you care about?, have they begged and pleaded when faced with the fact you began to realize they were vile that they'd change?, Do they start unnecessary arguments to keep you from enjoying the company of others? Are they constantly yelling at your or making you more upset than happy? Are you rethinking your own morals against things you will and won't accept in a relationship to try and make what they're doing seem like less than what it is? Are all your friends worried for you? Are you thinking deeply about it all and not sure what to do? Whats keeping you with them? If you lay out the good and the bad that has been done is it all worth it? Understanding that toxicity is not something you should be accepting in your life or the lives of those you love is a big part of all of this. The things your partner does to you, if your close friend was dealing with this same exact issue would you not tell them to leave? that they deserve better? you would. So why not tell yourself the same? Stray away from leeches who suck you dry of all that you've built your life on, cut off toxic relationships that you are attached to. Loneliness may suck and it may seem like the worse thing to let go of something toxic that you depend so much on, But to continue to drag out toxicity you know is loud and clear in your face is only hurting yourself in the end. Say fuck you to toxicity, leave your shitty company and remember you have friends and family who care for you and will be around when that loneliness creeps in. Don't settle for shitty people for some shitty bliss, it's 2018 if it aint 100% the genuine love you speak on and envisioned, then its not what you want, stop settling for shitty people to be somewhat happy with your life but constantly faced with the fact that even you yourself know that this isn't it for you, the loss in the end if you don't remove the toxicity will only be a worse loss later down the road for you. Love and light to everyone, may anyone dealing with toxic ass relationships read this and realize that they are only limiting and blocking their own blessing when they continue to let this toxicity seep in. If you see people you care about in toxic relationships reach out to them, some people sometimes need other people to wake them up before they wake up themselves, be the friend someone needs. And if your friend or loved one is the toxic person and you see them being toxic to their partner or just their friends, call them the fuck out on it! No one should get a pass on being a toxic person, call your friends out when you see them doing wrong!