Written and Published by Angenette Navedo


Since the disappearance of Lisa Frank it seems someone else has filled in her shoes. In a world that tries to shove you into the box you have Rocio bedazzling, painting and adding her own jazz to the box! Her art and jewelry has sparked a sense of glittery goodness in the lives of a lot females! Check out how this Afro Latina Artist from the Bronx puts on for her city!

Who is Rocio Marie Cabrera ?

Im Rocio. Im at 24 year old artist based out in the bronx. I work in a lot of different mediums but my preference is oil paintings, and sculpture. I use color as a means of therapy to deal with the darkness that comes along with depression and anxiety. Let glitter light the way ya feel me? 

You must’ve been a colorful child growing up tell me about how your brand started?

I’ve maintained my love for glitter and color my entire life. If anything, its gotten stronger the older i get. ROCIOART has never been a plan for me… its just eventually happened because I’ve realized that if I’m going to live my best life; i need to be sane…and arts the only thing keeping that in check. 

How Has it been being hispanic and an artist did you always have your family’s support?

 I’ve been blessed to have really supportive parents. I’ve never once worried about being a starving artist, because my parents have been down and excited about my art career since i even considered it. As long as i got my college degree (which i  did, YASS HUNTER HAWKS) they were with the shits n the dream chasing.

 You got this lisa frank vibe to you tell me about some of your Products and how they can to be! 

I'm trying to make and sell everything i can. I just started designing jewelry a couple months ago and realizing how to express myself in such a different medium has sincerely just opened all the doors in my head. I make bongs, accessories, pins, ashtrays….and I’m sure there will be something else to add by the end of the year. Once you allow yourself to explore as an artist, you realize that the way to keep your inspiration alive is to learn new techniques and work in new materials. 

Your following has blown up any advice to other businesses on how to expand their following count and platform?

My advice is honestly be your self. Instagrams that are highly curated and thought out look cool! but also look unapproachable. People wanna know the person behind the brand! People wanna be able to relate. I have no method to the madness of my instagram. I post as much as i want whenever i want and don’t think i have a purposeful aesthetic. I just wanna let my customers and friends have access to my daily life, and what it takes to run your own business. That includes looking like crap, holding dirty coffee mugs and hugging my cat a lot.

 Are you coming out with any new products anytime soon or having any events?

An upcoming event I’m trying to manifest into being THE event that changes my life lol, is Dreamworld on december 9th. Im partnering up with a fellow artist boss bitch bronx mami named Jar (@artbyjar) to bring uptown an affordable art installation experience! Trying to make the visions and worlds in my paintings come to life! Interactive af. Glittery af. 

Before I close this off what other Latinas do you feel are doing their part in making a dent  in the art community? 

So so so so many latinas are doing the damn thing!!!!! First off, Jar. check out jar, for dope art or for dope ink! She’s a one woman machine its sincerely amazing. Also! More Mulher are two dominican woman photographers based out in the bx!!!  Caitlin Farads is a cuban independent designer who graduated from Parsons and is about to shit on the world. Princess nokia is breaking down barriers and walls for all of us, along with my girl Cardi, exc.exc. What all of these women have in common i think, is authenticity. Being themselves. Loving themselves; allowing their audiences to do the same!