She's my peace of mind


 Edily// 18//FL.

She's my peace of mind

her mindset so divine

designed to block love

but arrived in a perfect time

timeless priceless righteous wildness

my love quite the same when she became spineless & minus the jealousy

I had the tendency & dependency to essentially relentlessly keep the spark alive

But in about five

shed be walking out the door for a drive

making donuts in my head without even inviting me inside

caskets in my brain considering that I died

the audacity

disregarding my sanity

disregarding the vanity

well excuse me your majesty

emotionally unstable

labeling me unfaithful ungrateful & wasteful

as I labeled her an angel stable & tasteful the antonyms were painful

& even after all this time i'll hide under the table in hopes that you'll still search for me like little kids being playful

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