You Were My Favorite Subject.

exile // 20 // NJ

You were my favorite subject.
Everything I did revolved around you.
It was like, you were the spinning atlas and I was just the contraption that held you up.
Showing me the world ever so vast and alas showing me nothing.
Because it didn’t seem like Geography when it came to you.
Yeah, I climbed mountains that Everest wouldn’t even compare to. 
I crossed rivers that the Nile would be jealous of.
And I swam in seas that were deep but not enough for me to cease to be.
But our History was what kept me latched on.
The facts and the dates all correlate to the story we’ve come to write.
And what’s a story without a bit of climax and a cluster of wrongs and rights?
And don’t get me started on Anatomy.
How my heart would pump faster looking at you than it did running a mile?
How my palms would be sweaty, I’d get weak knees cause you’d make me nervous but I keep on forgetting that,
But the Math doesn’t add up.
What I figured would be full circle ended up being squared and you disregarded the X.
The base of whatever we were, reached new heights and now we’re half of what we were.
Guess that makes us a diamond huh?
Diamond in the rough getting dug up by life but trust…
That this is no study group I wanted to be a part of.
We were simply an experiment formed by multiple hypotheses that in perspective should have developed a conclusion but there was no solution.
So we’re a disclosed theory that has yet to be proven.
And that would be, What are we?
Or what were we? 
Or what were we meant to be?
Because not even the dictionary could define what you meant to me.
And Physics says, energy can neither be created nor destroyed in an isolated system.
And it makes sense now why we never worked because we were never isolated.
You carried a variable that I could never find a formula for getting rid of and that’s it.
I just hope you figure out your own solution to the equation you’ve made since I’m no longer a distraction.


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