All over the place

 Natalie / 21 / Flushing,NY / @Natalie.supasiaa

It became a habit of me suddenly
Awakening of a dream of you
I feel terrified
Are dreams the only way i get to see you?
As I creature our child
her eyebrows that might look like yours
Lips maybe like mine, smile like yours
Damn I can't get enough of that smile.
I'm here creating the little creature that
Resembles us both. 
I've made the craZy decision of creating life
I couldn't bare killing a single cell
You're scared so am I
But you show fear in a way I can't bare
The hard times
The good times man the good times. 
The hard times hit me harder than you
I'm weakened by you
You've all I known for literally majority of my life
Est 2009 I've laid eyes on you. Well you actually laid them on me
I never imagined us being in each other's life for this long,
It's 2017 & I'm having your child. 
My dreams of you are all over the place, 
They're bad dreams that I want to wake up
& not remember them
But then there are the beautiful ones
I never want to wake up
Out of them.