I find Myself.


I find myself looking for the lies in every humans truth, the gesture of dishonesty. The lies you told to me wrapped around me warmer and tighter than any embrace two arms could provide. I pity us both, you for only knowing how to hurt those you should shower with love and me for not loving myself enough to realize i deserve more than your hurt. That it wasn't a warm, tight embrace that took my breath away, that had me gasping frantically anytime you were present but more like a death grip around my neck that i couldn't break free of.

Thank God i'm submitting a writing from 2 years ago to my own site and that these feelings no longer resonate deep into my core the way they once did, thank god i learned i deserve nothing but the purest love, a love that flows unconditonal, a love that is indeed the warm embrace around my body and not my neck. Thank god i learned to love myself.