Is it too much...?


Is it too much to say that looking at you gives me chills because I know how cold I could be and you're the only one who keeps me warm?

That the shivers and my trembling feet were warning signs that I was falling deep into this abyss we can call, the L word?

Because it'd be too much to say the word knowing that I've never been yours and you've never been mine, yet you have.

Because even when you're not mine. You're mine.

Because I don't think you understand that in time you'd see what it was about me that made you question the same entity you were trapped in.

Because it didn't make sense as to what it was that would go wrong but it very well did and left me with reasonable doubt that what is to be will not be and that yes you, the girl with the C, are in fact in love with me.

Your every move you've made through the years could only lead me to believe that you are in fact, in love, with me.

But maybe that's a preposterous ideology and I'm overthinking as usual or maybe just maybe, my theory has been right and our future is somewhat on the brink of being bright. 

But there's a shadow.

An ever growing shadow that id like to bring to light and it's, doubt.