A quick self reflection

Milton Vargas//HobokenNJ

I read somewhere that at age 24, Oprah was getting fired from her job as a news anchor. Oprah Winfrey – talk show host, philanthropist, queen of the media Oprah mother-fucking Winfrey wasn’t good enough for her position and was let go. This summer has been a constant self-battle of not feeling good enough and not knowing exactly where I’m going with school and my career but I’ve started to understand something; the universe gives you what you put out. I could cry in bed and live in a constant state of panic because I’m not where I think I should be in life, or I could make strides towards bettering my situation.


I quit the job I wasn’t getting paid for, four days a week eight hours a day. I booked a flight across the country, because I’ve never seen the west coast. I planned and prepared to take on my next semester of school better than I have before. Lastly, every day I self-reflect and ask myself, “what am I going to do today to make my tomorrow better?”


So if at age 25 J.K. Rowling was fired from her secretary job and clinically depressed, who’s to say my current existential crisis isn’t the beginning of my future empire