Is it time?

Emily Del toro

What's inside may not match your standards but will exceed expectations beyond those you may not realize.


What's inside, of this, of me, their mind can be unclear and their thoughts analytical. Their heart is kind, yet strong. Their soul, understanding yet selective. They're beautiful and messy. They all are a gem in a massive pile of insincerity.


If you're not prepared to fully embrace all that is the gentle, and strong. The messy and orchestrated. The complicated and reasonable. The embodiment of negative emotions with all their positive ones.


All in a body that is tough, and genuine. One that is delicate and clumsy.


That's spirit is invincible. Powered by the love of the Almighty Sculpture.




"What a lovely disaster you have here." He said to




puzzled but in deep admiration.


We'd reply,


"Yes. They're absolutely astonishing, isn't she. The way they all work in her, in her mind. How God fuels her spirit and ignites her flame. Her flame. The flame's so bright. As it burns my eyes, I welcome it's warm embrace. It's welcoming bright smile."


She's beautiful. She's so much more than just another person. Another human. She's another spirit. She is they're ideas. She's a view of the world. Of life. Of others. She is love. She is sadness. She's writing her script. She's dancing her dance. Oh what an intricate balance of elegant and jagged movements. Oh how she moves. How she moves others while she moves. How she moves them with her body or if it's just with her lips. They're words. They're ideas flowing out of a perfectly shaped speaker, even with the stuttering sprouted of her shyness and the seconds automatically dedicated to clarifying their ideas before spoken are all quite the show.


I can watch her all day.