I don't reach out my hand when i'm in my time of need because i don't do well with neglect

i've always been a deep intellect 

words play with my vibe and rub me the wrong way esp if its indirect

i cant help but take shit personal


i need you to know ive been through shit with different girls back to back.

im yearning for touch and physicality and the right one to throw it back.

each heartache feels like my chest is about to crack

im so fucking tired of the insecurities that have grown within 

As the days pass and the weight lugs me i feel like the darkness is starting to win.


i love deeply and hurt even deeper.

im a quiet person but my emotions run so deep that lately i myself am feeling like the grim reaper.

iive got a bad relationship with my sibling, I lowkey wish i can say i'm my brothers keeper


i hurt from rocky relationships within my family. im the black sheep 

i get looked at weird and im kept at arms reach

and i get spoken down on so that my aunts and uncles use me as a source to teach.

the little ones barely look my way because im what their parents never want them to be. Me.