Quick Play on words, coming back for more and more.

Christina Spruill (call me Stina) //21//Richmond, VA

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it’s something about her that makes you come back...for more of her
Maybe it’s her smile
Maybe it’s her charm. Maybe it’s deeper
Her, She’s different the way she moves it’s all just different
The way she believes in you without a speck of doubt. Different (you yearn more)
Her emotions like waves, overbearing emotional, passionate about everything even YOU
The love after the fights, her scream, her moan the arch her back makes before...
The flashbacks you yearn for just a piece of her
It’ something so innocent yet behind closed doors so…
It’s something about her so guarded, doubtful, so scared but again you will come back for more losing yourself in her ebony getting satisfaction, a fix, indulging in a craving that can only be served by her….
She’s rare. She’s dangerous…you will always WANT to come back for more