Sharlene Pena

I've always been a flower.

One whos peddles fall one by one.
Slowly flowing through the air and gently kissing the cold ground.
A flower who has been mistreated
And walked over.

I've yearned for acceptance and unconditional understanding from people i love.
Never noticing that
They don't love me back.
Not until,
They see my peddles falling.

I've been too vulnerable
Not cautious enough.
I've been too understanding
Not assertive enough.
I've been too insecure
Not perfect enough.

My flaws follow me like the stench of cigarette smoke on clothes of someone who's had a long day.
The scars of someone battling with demons they woukd rather hide from.

My demons
My flaws
My scars

All reminiscent
Of the peddles i let fall.