Sailors Song

Angenette Navedo//Localhoodmom//WPB   

A siren is all you’ll ever be

The words once said to me, words that cut deeper than any coral at the bottom of the sea

How could it be, that after circling the ship I still became lost at sea

As clear as the water when the sun hits was my love for you, think it not true but

But all in all, I’d grow legs for you

I’d trade in a fin if there was still a love you could fit me in

Shed my scales so dark and my skin so rough for some legs soft to your touch

Years at sea, the life I’d known to be was something no longer for me, as I want to be taught to breath

How a sailor enchanted a siren I cannot come to explain, it wasn’t lust and it wasn’t to cause pain,

A siren once known only for its voice had found a sailor worth changing her tone

Was it those eyes that resembled the sea?

Or the sailors uniform and how you fit so snug in those white tees?

What is the beauty I found in your voice, cracked but still being the only sound as soothing as the ocean?

I can’t wrap my mind around the way you’ve left me blind, leaving me in the ocean that once was mine, realizing I forgot how to swim and still refusing to throw me a line, sailor Saenz, why aren’t you mine? Sailor Saenz how have you took over my mind, what tune did you play, can I hum the lines? Can I sing along, can we dance to this song? Sailor Saenz the depths you dropped me in are too dark for even I, Sailor Saenz please don’t leave me blind. The waves are strong and this isn’t a current Ive experienced in so long, Sailor Saenz please sing me your sailors song.